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dTaaS – Data Transformation as a Service



Re4mat’s proprietary, data transformation and migration technology, Data Transformation as a Service™ (dTaaS™) has been behind the scenes of the travel and hospitality industry since 1998, helping clients move all types of data across their infrastructures. For example, dTaaS has been tested and proven in 200+ back-office accounting data conversions, and in every case, our audited results have balanced to the penny. Additionally, because dTaaS is vendor-agnostic, clients can choose deploy whatever technology meets their business needs.


Now dTaaS is available to clients outside the travel industry!


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Save time

Reduce implementation time when switching or adding new applications, converting and consolidating data.


Transform your structured or unstructured data to and from any format.



Enable data sharing, integration, and synchronization across multiple applications.


Improve data conversion turnaround time based on real previous integration experience.



Deploy any application in any format, and your data will follow.


dTaaS – Data Transformation
as a Service

By using dTaaS, you can reduce implementation time when switching or adding new applications, convert and consolidate data from disparate applications for BI and analytics purposes, or remove existing data silos to enable data sharing and synchronization across multiple applications.

Best of all, Re4mat will handle everything from initial data assessment, through deployment and ongoing management of your data flows.  There’s no longer a need to acquire in-house expertise to manage your data, as it will be in the care of data scientists and analysts, using Re4mat’s proprietary, vendor-agnostic technology.

RE4MAT Services

Key Features
and Benefits

Ability to transform structured or unstructured data to and from any format

Average data conversion turnaround time is 6 – 8 weeks, based on real previous experience with mega, mid, and small agency integrations

All data is encrypted in transit and at rest; and delivered to secure FTP sites

Each project allows for data pre-screening, which gives customers the ability to review and transform values prior to integration.

Managed Service – Eliminates the need, and reduces the cost of hiring in-house specialists for data implementation and ongoing management

Reduced infrastructure costs, increased speed to value:

    • Client pays on a per-transaction basis (includes any necessary development fees)
    • No software licenses required
    • Ongoing infrastructure support (data backup and restore, disaster recovery) included in per transaction costs
    • Data Storage and recall options are available

Have a Custom Project?

We’ll create a solution personalized for your needs.

Re4mat Services 

Cloud Migration/Infrastructure Support – Moving to the Cloud, or are you already there?  Either way, we can help establish and support your Cloud infrastructure.  Our unique platform will enable you to easily share data across departments, easily feed data analytics applications, manage multiple disparate systems, and quickly add or remove vendors.

Data Storage and Retrieval for Disaster Recovery – In today’s world, the unfortunate truth is companies are hacked every day. If prevention is unfeasible, the only option is speedy recovery.  Fortunately, Re4mat can help mitigate the impact malicious activities may have on your organization: 


    • Data Stored online for short term and offline for long term
    • Data can be stored in original state or consolidated format
    • Data Retrieval Service Level Agreements are designed to meet each customer’s business needs.