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About Re4Mat

Our Approach

At Re4Mat, we believe in technology’s unlimited potential for solving real-world business problems. In our opinion, with creativity, a clear vision, talent, resources, and determination, we can build solutions that enable our clients to overcome any of their challenges. Therefore, we not only give our clients scalable, pragmatic solutions that fit their current business, but we also provide them the freedom to dream, innovate, and tackle process, workflow, integration, or access problems they thought could never be solved.

Re4Mat projects are collaborative, generally involving multiple steps:

  1. Discovery – Working closely with the client, and interviewing stakeholders, we seek to understand current processes, challenges, objectives, and vision.
  2. Ideation – Once we have a thorough understanding of the client’s current situation and desired future state, the Re4mat team focuses on the iterative process of designing and proposing solutions based on our data-centric approach to product development
  3. Documentation – When the proposed solution is agreed upon and accepted by the client, we generate detailed design documentation and determine resource allocations, timing, and other logistics key to the development and deployment process.
  4. Development – Using RAD Methodology, we work diligently to ensure the product is developed quickly, keeping the client involved and in the loop at all times
  5. Testing – The solution will be thoroughly tested, going through extensive QA prior to deployment
  6. Solution Launch – Includes necessary training and other preparatory measures
  7. Service, Maintenance, and Enhancing or Expanding


Our vision is to create technology infrastructures that position our clients for unlimited growth and scalability – today, and in the future.


A stable, dependable portfolio of services and solutions that are efficient, cost-effective, perpetually running and evolving with your organization.


Our data-centric approach, combined with a Rapid Application Development (RAD) methodology, provide the foundation for us to provide services and solutions that become the fabric of our client’s technology infrastructure. Because our products are data-centric, they are also vendor-agnostic, so our clients can deploy any software applications they desire, and their data will follow.

“The Re4mat team lives up to its reputation. Their solution saves us time and money. We’ve eliminated 45 hours per week in direct billing processing, and 25,000 hours per year in manual processing.  Today, it only takes us 1 hour to balance and close each month, and we’re saving an estimated $706,000 in annual costs!”

– Director of Information Systems, Canalta Hotels

Our company was facing a serious situation: a hacking attempt against our servers caused a system outage. We lost nearly 2 weeks of travel transactions — impacting everything from regulatory reporting, to customer billing. However, Re4mat was able to save the day. Working with multiple vendors to uncover and combine data from as many as 13 disparate sources, their team recreated all of the lost transactions within the same month.  Our accounting department was able to close the month in our normal timeframe and fashion, with all regulatory reporting in balance! “

– Chief Technology Officer, Direct Travel, Inc.